Sunday, 19 May 2013

PLEASE,MAKE A MAN OUT OF MY LITTLE BOY;A letter to my son's teacher (In the Style of Abraham Lincoln)

Dear kind Sir/Madam,
He will have to learn, I know,
that all men are not just,
all men are not true.
But teach him also that
for every scoundrel there is a hero;
that for every selfish Politician,
there is a dedicated leader…
Teach him for every enemy,
there is a friend.
It will take time,I know,
but teach him if you can,
That a shilling earned,
is of far more value than five found.
Teach him to learn to lose,
and also to enjoy winning.
Steer him away from envy,if you can,
teach him the secret of quiet laughter.
Let him learn early that the bullies are the easiest to lick.

Teach him, if you can,
the wonder of books.
But also give him quiet time,
to ponder the eternal mystery of birds in the sky,
bees in the sun,and the flowers on a green hillside.

In the school teach him,
it is far honourable to fail,
than to cheat.
Teach him to have faith in his own ideas,
even if everyone tells him they are wrong.
Teach him to be gentle
with gentle people,
and tough with the tough,

Try to give my son,
the strength not to follow the crowd,
when everyone is getting on the band wagon.
Teach him to listen to all men,
but teach him also to filter all he hears,
On a screen of truth,
and to take only the good that comes through.

Teach him if you can,
how to laugh when he is sad.
But teach him there is no shame in tears.
Teach him to scoff at cynics,
and to beware of too much sweetness.
Teach him to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidders,
but never to put a price-tag on his heart and soul.

Teach him to close his ears to a howling mob,
and to stand and fight,
if he thinks he’s right.
Treat him gently,
but do not cuddle him,
because only the test of fire makes the finest steel.

Let him have the courage to be impatient,
let him have the patience to be brave.

Teach him always,
to have sublime faith in himself,
because then he will have sublime faith in mankind.

This is a big order,
but see what you can do.
For he is such a fine little fellow,my son.

His mother,
Nyawíra Doreen.


They constantly catch me on this dreamy stare,
I usually have travelled to a world of just you and me,
Clearly,u finally got to me,
I love this feeling,
That fills my chest,even when you are not around.

It helps me get by,
Just thinking about you,
For you make me smile,
And with you,
I need no reason,
Just to know that you feel the same,
Is enough to melt my heart to smiles.

And on such a perfect night like tonight,
I find no perfection in a night that otherwise,
would've been a taste of heaven...

Your absence makes me reach out,
To space...I wish you were here.

I can't seem to get enough of you,
So I carry your heart,I carry it here in my heart.
But I still miss you still,
So tonight,I retire to sleep early,
Hoping and praying,
That I find you in my dreams.

I will look for you there,
Till I find you.
Hang on to that dream,
Until you are here with me.

I will say it,like Carol Atemi sings it in "Someday"
that "...I am a simple girl,I dream about loving you,
And you in return.And my simple mind is filled with thoughts of you...."

I miss you.

You are,to me,
All things bright,beautiful and wonderful.

And I chose to tell u this,
Like L.L told his Mallika,
" a land of a thousand paradises,you are the epitome'....."

Even under a beautiful night sky filled with a million stars,
And even when the sky is glittering with constellations?No..
It all feels insuficient.
The one star I long to see in my sky,
Is not here tonight..

So the night sky is just "beautiful"
With you,my sky is beyond beautiful,
You make it "MAGICAL....."
You are my star.

With love,

Saturday, 18 May 2013


We shall make a fresh start,
a new beginning.
Think of a tree,How it grows out of its wounds,
When a branch falls off,
it doesn't stop there.
It keeps reaching for the light.

We shall get over over our pain,
Our tears we shall have to dry,
We shall have to get used to seeing our scars everyday.
We are a strong people.
We shall start over a new leaf.
And this I believe we can do,
but we will have to strive,
For things worthwhile don't come easy.

We will build a true commonwealth,
with hard work and self-reliance our virtues.
Wisdom will be our hammer,
prudence our nail.
We will let no one extort the fruit of our labour,
None shall eat up carelessly,
what his friend got worthily,
or steal away what virtue has stored up.
People shall not make each other their spoil.

Our past,we will overcome,
Our dream of peace,
we will make come true.
Worry not,and stay strong.
Where there's a will,they say there is a way.

And I say when men build lives from honest toil,
courage never fails...!

SOLITUDE IS FREEDOM;Alone doesn't always mean lonely.

To fulfill a need to be who I am in this world is all I ask.I just can't go on pretending to be someone that I am
not,and I won't wear a mask,I just can't hide my face any more!It would touch my heart to know you understand that I
just can't play a single part any more.I need an act of my own too,to change parts a little more often,you know...

I've got this need to be true to myself,to make my own mistakes,and learn from them,firsthand.I don't want to lean
too hard on someone else,I need to learn to be strong alone,sometimes,no matter what is at stake.Am smart enough
to have known,by now,that I never could be the master of my fate,nd the most I could do for me,is to chose my
preferred roads in life.Rocky they may be,the ones that I take,but I know what lies ahead,I can handle.I am strong
inside,and I need to let my problems know and see that...

I have this burning need to be more than just a vague reflection of a girl.I just don't see how I can survive in
someone's shadow.I need my very own little spot to stand on own moments of grace too.You can lean a little on
me,just a little.All am asking is that you leave me a little space,a little air,that I may breathe,because I am what I
am,and at the end of the day I have to be me,to feel like a purposeful person.

And this is where I have to be alone,these are the battles well fought when fought alone.Sometimes all I need to be is me,myself and I.Solitude is freedom,you know :)  and 'alone' doesn't' always mean 'lonely'.

RÚRACIO;A bride,at a price!

So,I need to say,first of all,that I am only aged 22,which literary translates to "I really don't know much about rúracio" :) The thing is,in December last year,I accompanied my boyfriend to a rúracio,where his friend was paying bride price.This was the second time I found myself in a rúacio situation.Ladies from the groom's side recognized me,and so,since am a singer,they asked me to "kúithia rúímbo" which is Gíkúyú,and it simply means, "solo a song" and then they would respond.Since I am a live performer,and with the band,I perform in events like weddings too,I am armed with a vast repatouire,Gíkúyú songs included.So that part,for me,was no husle.
But as we left the compound after the ceremony was done with,I kept wondering.."How much of our culture do ladies my age know?And what about the gentlemen too,especially those from other communities,but with A-Gíkúyú brides?"
I went visiting my cúcú(grandmother) a fortnight later,and she and her friends were on an ego trip,just making me write notes on Rúracio and Ngurario(Traditional Gíkúyú wedding),and telling me of all the duties I will take up after I get married(I let them think that I was gathering information,because my Rúracio was coming up!Well,that was the only way they would tell me everything...)But I must say,they were much more recourceful,compared to every source I had reference to,online. :)
*thankyou cúcú*
If any of you is getting married anytime soon,then Rúracio must be up in line too.So,ladies and gentlemen,here is what I found out,about the whole ceremony :) Thank me later :)

RÚRACIO.....(How you 'buy' your wife)

Rúracio is fun but at the same time it is serious business.The bride’s family is happy that she is going to get married, but there is always concern about whether or not the groom and his family are good people.Since as the Gíkúyú say, “Úthoni ndúragaguo” (which basically means you can’t get too familiar with your in-laws) there is need for utmost respect in these events.
The feast is prepared at the bride-to-be’s home and the groom's family shows up at about 1pm,ready to eat and negotiate.They have to bring gifts too.On arrival, the groom’s family will find the gate closed.They must sing their way in.Singing is incorporated into every aspect of African culture.They sing songs urging the girl’s family to open the gate for them and welcome them in often saying why they have come.
The girl’s female relatives are on the other side of the gate and ask for some show of love (money) in order to open the gate.The groom’s female relatives will usually throw some money over the gate and then it will be opened for them.They are received with greetings and much joy and the gifts they have brought are carried in for them by the bride’s female relatives and friends.
After prayers and feasting,Introductions are made so that everyone knows who the bride and groom are as well as the family members of both parties ...Then the elders from both families retire into a different room to start bride price negotiation.Men are the only ones allowed to negotiate the bride price,but anyone, including women and children, is welcome to listen in and be witness to the negotiations.
According to Gíkúyú tradition,every Gíkúyú girl’s bride price is 99 goats.It is never 100 because the 1 is left in the groom’s family to raise another herd.In modern day Kenya,the amount is converted into a cash amount per goat and that amount is what is negotiated by the families.
The negotiation can be based on the current market price of a goat or can be slightly higher or lower.The general idea is to find a middle ground where the groom does not feel harassed and the bride’s family does not feel that no value or little value is placed on their daughter.
Once this middle ground is reached,the groom, if he does not have all the money, must give a portion to the girl’s family immediately,with the agreement that he will pay the rest with time.Paying bride price in good time is considered important,since if a man does not pay the bride price for his wife and finish,he cannot receive bride price for his daughter.
Ps:You can thank me now :)


Those tiny fingers,
Those beautiful innocent eyes,
That heavenly smile,
Those tiny,feeble legs...
She's my greatest miracle.

So tiny,so helpless,
Yet in her,
I found my greatest strength.

She's one of a kind,
In her,I have constantly had a glimpse at heaven...
If you ask me,
I know no greter love..

It was not easy,
Watching her take her first steps,
And stumble every time,
I winced and pushed back a tear,
Each time she fell,
But she is a fighter,my baby...
She stood up and tried again..
It's a beautiful feeling,
Seeing her everyday,
Getting bigger,brighter,smarter,older.

My little godsend,
When I hold her in my arms,
Now that gives me a reason to smile,
For her,I'd go that extra mile,
For in her eyes,
I see forever,
In her,I behold eternity.

My little angel,
My divine treasure...
Save for her,
I know no greater love....

She's the best part of my day,
Because of her,
I feel alive,accomplished..

In so many ways,
She's my reason for living,
The why and wherefore I'm alive,
When I see her,
My load becomes light,
She's my gift for today,
My hope for the morrow.

She's the best,
When I look at her,
And hear her call me 'mama',
I know I passed my greatest test.

She's my world,
She's all things bright and beautiful,
With her,
I count it all a joy.

I know I earned me a footprint on the sands of time,
The meaning of my life is she,
For I know no greater love.
than hers.... ♥ ♥


Nobody has to teach me how to be black...I AM ALREADY A
BLACK WOMAN!BLACK IS MY PURE...Faced with a choice,for me there would only be one choice to make..I would still chose
home,where I belong...Being black is all I know how to be..I would chose it any day,anywhere.I don't need anyone to come and try to make me look or act brown,or white...IT WILL ONLY MAKE ME LOOK OLDER-AND UGLY!I AM BLACK AND PROUD!Beautiful in
every single way...And well,I admit I am a bit of a BLACK SUPREMACIST...I am black-mind,body and soul...and I love it



I am just a tiny star,
And like a drop in the ocean,
There are so many other stars around me,
They are larger than me,
They seem better than me,
And they really intimidate me,
They make me feel even smaller than I am,
They shine so bright,
It makes me wonder if you even notice little me,shinning.

With my own little glitter,
I help make the nights less dark,
And I hope every night,
That I give a little light to your heart too,
That I warm it,
Even if its in the slightest of ways,
I strive so hard to make you see,
That you don't have to put up with any starless night,
You don't have to ever feel hopeless,
Because no matter how dark the night gets,
I am always here,
Striving to brighten your night,
With my little glitter,
And it makes me wonder,
Do you ever notice me?

Sometimes I wonder,
Why was I made visible only at night?
I would have loved it if you looked up,
And saw me shinning right next to the sun,
But I do understand why not,
Everyone wants to be your sun,
To shine so bright that you will have to notice their light,
But I love shinning for you at night,
Because it isn't about whether or not you notice my light,nay!
It's so much more than that.

You see,with this little glitter of mine,
From way up here,
I tell you,quietly and fondly,night after night,
That I was born to shine for you,
To make sure that wonderful smile on your face never goes missing,
And it's no easy job for a tiny star like me,
But you make it so worthwhile,
Because every time you smile,
I feel that my existence is purposeful.

Sometimes it feels like you don't even know I exist,
Sometimes you don't even bother to look up at the sky,you know.
If stars could cry,
I would cry you a river,but they don't.
Sometimes I jump around and do the jive,
Especially when you smile,
Because then,I know that you're happy,
But I am not even sure you notice the dance.

They say I should eat alot,
So that I'll get big and visible to you,
But I won't do that.
I just want to be your little star,always.

I wrote this piece for you,
Just to let you know,
That I am watching over you,
Every night,all night,
So it's okay,you can sleep tight,
I am always here,watching,
Even when you never look at the sky,
I will always light it up for you,
The best way I know how.

I have this little space in the sky,
And all I do is fill it up with light,for you.

This is me saying,
"Hey!You may never even know I exist,
but I would die if anything happened to you....."

With love,
Your little star,


Even heroes need heroes sometimes,
Even the strong need someone sometimes,
Someone to tell them it's alright.
You don't have to wear that sure look all the time,
To act all calm,
When in you is a raging storm.
It's alright to let it all out,
It's okay to cry,my child.

Even the strong experience moments and flashes of weakness,
Even the fastest athlete misses the mark,
He too,plays the second fiddle sometimes.
We all fall down,child of mine,
But whether we get up or remain lying down,thats what counts.
To blame yourself for a failure past,
Doesn't bring success at last.
Forgive yourself first,
Accept defeat with grace,and get up,
For that is the true test of growing up.
Some lessons we learn best in calm,
Some in the storm,
So,when the storm knocks you down,
Dust yourself up,chalk it up to experience,and try again.

Keep learning child,you never know,
Keep doing,and get your ducks in a row,
Because only will you be strong and ready,
When the tides of your life finally get steady.

Be patient with your peers,my child,
Tolerate the weaknesses and faults of others,
And dwell more on their virtues and strengths,
For it is when we look for the good in others,
That we discover the good in ourselves,to the greatest extent.
And a man never so beautifully shows his own strength,
As when he respects another's weaknesses.

If you find it in your heart to earnestly care for somebody,
You will have succeeded,my son.
So love that neighbour,child of mine,
As you love yourself.
Never forget that tenderness and kindness,
Are not sighns of weakness,
But rather,manifestations of one's strength.

I will not always be around,
To pick you up when you fall,child.
But I want you to know in your heart,
That you are far much bigger,
than anything that can come your way.
Remember what I told you the other day,
"If you want a rainbow,then you will have to put up with the rain,
and the chill it brings with it"

I brought you up in so much pain,
And I hope and pray,again and again,
That you will not be blinded by what you gain...
I want you to live your life,child of mine,
I want you to reach into your being,
Tap into the best of your reservoirs of gifts,
And give to the world and to your kind,
That they may partake of the beauty that is you.

Remember to share,
And to receive from those that let you,
But with caution and prudence.
For then,and only then,
Shall you have lived a fulfilled life.

It's not about how popular you become,
It's about how much of yourself,
You use to bless your kind.
Rejoice more in giving than in receiving...

I have taught you how,my child.
Now I want you to live,
That one day you may look back and smile,
In pride and utter certainty,
At the life you will have lived.

I know for a mother's last words,
These are quite a sum,
But as I breathe my last,
I want you to know how proud you made me..
My last blink will be graceful,
Since you filled my life with so much joy,love...
Yes,you have taught me all the lessons that come with motherhood,child of mine...
I may have lived for myself,alright,
But I largely lived for you,
Being your mother was the greatest gift,
That the maker bestowed upon me..
You are my godsend,child of mine...
My only light in life's dark tunnel.

But I have to go now,
I know you will be just fine without me,
Now I feel that this is goodbye...

with love,
your mother,