Saturday, 18 May 2013


Even heroes need heroes sometimes,
Even the strong need someone sometimes,
Someone to tell them it's alright.
You don't have to wear that sure look all the time,
To act all calm,
When in you is a raging storm.
It's alright to let it all out,
It's okay to cry,my child.

Even the strong experience moments and flashes of weakness,
Even the fastest athlete misses the mark,
He too,plays the second fiddle sometimes.
We all fall down,child of mine,
But whether we get up or remain lying down,thats what counts.
To blame yourself for a failure past,
Doesn't bring success at last.
Forgive yourself first,
Accept defeat with grace,and get up,
For that is the true test of growing up.
Some lessons we learn best in calm,
Some in the storm,
So,when the storm knocks you down,
Dust yourself up,chalk it up to experience,and try again.

Keep learning child,you never know,
Keep doing,and get your ducks in a row,
Because only will you be strong and ready,
When the tides of your life finally get steady.

Be patient with your peers,my child,
Tolerate the weaknesses and faults of others,
And dwell more on their virtues and strengths,
For it is when we look for the good in others,
That we discover the good in ourselves,to the greatest extent.
And a man never so beautifully shows his own strength,
As when he respects another's weaknesses.

If you find it in your heart to earnestly care for somebody,
You will have succeeded,my son.
So love that neighbour,child of mine,
As you love yourself.
Never forget that tenderness and kindness,
Are not sighns of weakness,
But rather,manifestations of one's strength.

I will not always be around,
To pick you up when you fall,child.
But I want you to know in your heart,
That you are far much bigger,
than anything that can come your way.
Remember what I told you the other day,
"If you want a rainbow,then you will have to put up with the rain,
and the chill it brings with it"

I brought you up in so much pain,
And I hope and pray,again and again,
That you will not be blinded by what you gain...
I want you to live your life,child of mine,
I want you to reach into your being,
Tap into the best of your reservoirs of gifts,
And give to the world and to your kind,
That they may partake of the beauty that is you.

Remember to share,
And to receive from those that let you,
But with caution and prudence.
For then,and only then,
Shall you have lived a fulfilled life.

It's not about how popular you become,
It's about how much of yourself,
You use to bless your kind.
Rejoice more in giving than in receiving...

I have taught you how,my child.
Now I want you to live,
That one day you may look back and smile,
In pride and utter certainty,
At the life you will have lived.

I know for a mother's last words,
These are quite a sum,
But as I breathe my last,
I want you to know how proud you made me..
My last blink will be graceful,
Since you filled my life with so much joy,love...
Yes,you have taught me all the lessons that come with motherhood,child of mine...
I may have lived for myself,alright,
But I largely lived for you,
Being your mother was the greatest gift,
That the maker bestowed upon me..
You are my godsend,child of mine...
My only light in life's dark tunnel.

But I have to go now,
I know you will be just fine without me,
Now I feel that this is goodbye...

with love,
your mother,

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