Saturday, 18 May 2013



I am just a tiny star,
And like a drop in the ocean,
There are so many other stars around me,
They are larger than me,
They seem better than me,
And they really intimidate me,
They make me feel even smaller than I am,
They shine so bright,
It makes me wonder if you even notice little me,shinning.

With my own little glitter,
I help make the nights less dark,
And I hope every night,
That I give a little light to your heart too,
That I warm it,
Even if its in the slightest of ways,
I strive so hard to make you see,
That you don't have to put up with any starless night,
You don't have to ever feel hopeless,
Because no matter how dark the night gets,
I am always here,
Striving to brighten your night,
With my little glitter,
And it makes me wonder,
Do you ever notice me?

Sometimes I wonder,
Why was I made visible only at night?
I would have loved it if you looked up,
And saw me shinning right next to the sun,
But I do understand why not,
Everyone wants to be your sun,
To shine so bright that you will have to notice their light,
But I love shinning for you at night,
Because it isn't about whether or not you notice my light,nay!
It's so much more than that.

You see,with this little glitter of mine,
From way up here,
I tell you,quietly and fondly,night after night,
That I was born to shine for you,
To make sure that wonderful smile on your face never goes missing,
And it's no easy job for a tiny star like me,
But you make it so worthwhile,
Because every time you smile,
I feel that my existence is purposeful.

Sometimes it feels like you don't even know I exist,
Sometimes you don't even bother to look up at the sky,you know.
If stars could cry,
I would cry you a river,but they don't.
Sometimes I jump around and do the jive,
Especially when you smile,
Because then,I know that you're happy,
But I am not even sure you notice the dance.

They say I should eat alot,
So that I'll get big and visible to you,
But I won't do that.
I just want to be your little star,always.

I wrote this piece for you,
Just to let you know,
That I am watching over you,
Every night,all night,
So it's okay,you can sleep tight,
I am always here,watching,
Even when you never look at the sky,
I will always light it up for you,
The best way I know how.

I have this little space in the sky,
And all I do is fill it up with light,for you.

This is me saying,
"Hey!You may never even know I exist,
but I would die if anything happened to you....."

With love,
Your little star,