Sunday, 19 May 2013


They constantly catch me on this dreamy stare,
I usually have travelled to a world of just you and me,
Clearly,u finally got to me,
I love this feeling,
That fills my chest,even when you are not around.

It helps me get by,
Just thinking about you,
For you make me smile,
And with you,
I need no reason,
Just to know that you feel the same,
Is enough to melt my heart to smiles.

And on such a perfect night like tonight,
I find no perfection in a night that otherwise,
would've been a taste of heaven...

Your absence makes me reach out,
To space...I wish you were here.

I can't seem to get enough of you,
So I carry your heart,I carry it here in my heart.
But I still miss you still,
So tonight,I retire to sleep early,
Hoping and praying,
That I find you in my dreams.

I will look for you there,
Till I find you.
Hang on to that dream,
Until you are here with me.

I will say it,like Carol Atemi sings it in "Someday"
that "...I am a simple girl,I dream about loving you,
And you in return.And my simple mind is filled with thoughts of you...."

I miss you.

You are,to me,
All things bright,beautiful and wonderful.

And I chose to tell u this,
Like L.L told his Mallika,
" a land of a thousand paradises,you are the epitome'....."

Even under a beautiful night sky filled with a million stars,
And even when the sky is glittering with constellations?No..
It all feels insuficient.
The one star I long to see in my sky,
Is not here tonight..

So the night sky is just "beautiful"
With you,my sky is beyond beautiful,
You make it "MAGICAL....."
You are my star.

With love,

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