Saturday, 18 May 2013


Those tiny fingers,
Those beautiful innocent eyes,
That heavenly smile,
Those tiny,feeble legs...
She's my greatest miracle.

So tiny,so helpless,
Yet in her,
I found my greatest strength.

She's one of a kind,
In her,I have constantly had a glimpse at heaven...
If you ask me,
I know no greter love..

It was not easy,
Watching her take her first steps,
And stumble every time,
I winced and pushed back a tear,
Each time she fell,
But she is a fighter,my baby...
She stood up and tried again..
It's a beautiful feeling,
Seeing her everyday,
Getting bigger,brighter,smarter,older.

My little godsend,
When I hold her in my arms,
Now that gives me a reason to smile,
For her,I'd go that extra mile,
For in her eyes,
I see forever,
In her,I behold eternity.

My little angel,
My divine treasure...
Save for her,
I know no greater love....

She's the best part of my day,
Because of her,
I feel alive,accomplished..

In so many ways,
She's my reason for living,
The why and wherefore I'm alive,
When I see her,
My load becomes light,
She's my gift for today,
My hope for the morrow.

She's the best,
When I look at her,
And hear her call me 'mama',
I know I passed my greatest test.

She's my world,
She's all things bright and beautiful,
With her,
I count it all a joy.

I know I earned me a footprint on the sands of time,
The meaning of my life is she,
For I know no greater love.
than hers.... ♥ ♥

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