Saturday, 18 May 2013

SOLITUDE IS FREEDOM;Alone doesn't always mean lonely.

To fulfill a need to be who I am in this world is all I ask.I just can't go on pretending to be someone that I am
not,and I won't wear a mask,I just can't hide my face any more!It would touch my heart to know you understand that I
just can't play a single part any more.I need an act of my own too,to change parts a little more often,you know...

I've got this need to be true to myself,to make my own mistakes,and learn from them,firsthand.I don't want to lean
too hard on someone else,I need to learn to be strong alone,sometimes,no matter what is at stake.Am smart enough
to have known,by now,that I never could be the master of my fate,nd the most I could do for me,is to chose my
preferred roads in life.Rocky they may be,the ones that I take,but I know what lies ahead,I can handle.I am strong
inside,and I need to let my problems know and see that...

I have this burning need to be more than just a vague reflection of a girl.I just don't see how I can survive in
someone's shadow.I need my very own little spot to stand on own moments of grace too.You can lean a little on
me,just a little.All am asking is that you leave me a little space,a little air,that I may breathe,because I am what I
am,and at the end of the day I have to be me,to feel like a purposeful person.

And this is where I have to be alone,these are the battles well fought when fought alone.Sometimes all I need to be is me,myself and I.Solitude is freedom,you know :)  and 'alone' doesn't' always mean 'lonely'.

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