Saturday, 18 May 2013


We shall make a fresh start,
a new beginning.
Think of a tree,How it grows out of its wounds,
When a branch falls off,
it doesn't stop there.
It keeps reaching for the light.

We shall get over over our pain,
Our tears we shall have to dry,
We shall have to get used to seeing our scars everyday.
We are a strong people.
We shall start over a new leaf.
And this I believe we can do,
but we will have to strive,
For things worthwhile don't come easy.

We will build a true commonwealth,
with hard work and self-reliance our virtues.
Wisdom will be our hammer,
prudence our nail.
We will let no one extort the fruit of our labour,
None shall eat up carelessly,
what his friend got worthily,
or steal away what virtue has stored up.
People shall not make each other their spoil.

Our past,we will overcome,
Our dream of peace,
we will make come true.
Worry not,and stay strong.
Where there's a will,they say there is a way.

And I say when men build lives from honest toil,
courage never fails...!

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