Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Friends of mine,
You know not what I seek,
You know not,of what I speak,
Of twighlight hews,
The guardians of the night time,
Of "miaws" that sound like babies crying,
And spirits a-roaming in the air...
Of darkness so thick,its tangible...
And silence so loud,its defeaning.

I am,of the fourth watch,
A time so dark,you cant read your watch
but again,isnt the 21st Century just as dark,with iniquity?
The things I see,at this wee hour,
Make my resolve even stronger,
to watch and pray...
Because,the good book says..
That HE will show up like a thief,in the night,
at a time you may never have thought.

Try as I might,
This text wont leave my psyche,
So,here I am...
guuadian of this hour,
Standing in the gap,with all my prayer armour,
You will find me up,by the time you awake,
Ask not,why I am different from your kind,
for HE has taught me to watch and pray.

I found my sole purpose..
This is not just what I do,
To watch and pray,
This is who I am,and I am proud of it.

warrior of the 4th watch...

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